Swimming PoolsPark Hotel Perù Jesolo

Swimming Pool

Beside the elegant hall and the elegant bar you will find two beautiful spacious swimming pools surrounded by greenery. The larger swimming pool includes a therapeutic area with a whirlpool which is activated free of charge on request. The smaller swimming pool is suitable for children.

The large swimming pool has two depths: the shallower part, which is located near the whirlpool, will allow the less experienced to cool off and relax by immersing themselves in water in complete safety and tranquility; the deepest part is recommended for expert swimmers.

Both our swimming pools are checked daily and analyzed in their acidity values and chlorine concentration values through a certified automated system. They are also manually controlled with samples of water taken several times a day in compliance with the regulations of the hygiene office of the Province of Venice, in order to guarantee a correct balance of the pH and chlorine for the maximum hygienic safety of our guests .

The entire structure of the Park Hotel Peru, 3-star Superior in Jesolo Lido, with its materials and furnishings has successfully passed the acceptance test as a structure entirely in compliance with fire regulations.

The hotel is in possession of the C.P.I. (fire prevention certificate) issued by the command of the Fire Brigade from Venice.

The owners responsible for the hotel with swimming pool in Jesolo have successfully passed the theoretical and practical test of fire prevention and training at the provincial command of the Fire Brigade. of Venice, headquarters of Mestre, and are in possession of the relevant certificates certifying the fire protection of the structure and the ability to prompt intervention in the prevention and intervention in case of fire.