For those coming from the A4 motorway (from MI-BS-VR-VI-PD-VE) to the VE-Mestre barrier continue in the direction of the “Marco Polo" airport and follow the signs for Jesolo: once you arrive in Jesolo follow the indications for the EST area: P.ZZA MILANO – P.ZZA TORINO.

For those coming from the A4 motorway (from TS-UD) take the exit at “SAN DONÀ DI PIAVE – NOVENTA DI PIAVE” and follow the signs for Jesolo: once you arrive in Jesolo follow the signs for the EST area: P. ZZA MILAN / P.ZZA TORINO. After entering the city, take the direction “Zona Est" of Lido di Jesolo until you reach Piazza Milano and then continue shortly before towards Piazza Torino.

Arrived between Piazza Milano and Piazza Torino, you will find the hotel, exactly located between these two new and sparkling squares, the hotel is located on the main street in via Altinate 63.


The closest airports to us are the “Marco Polo" of Venice-Tessera, just 30 km away, the “San Giuseppe" of Treviso, 40 km, the “Ronchi dei Legionari" of Trieste, 106 km, and the “Valerio Catullo" of Verona, 138 km away. Perfectly connected to public transport services by road, buses, these airports are an excellent arrival point to quickly reach the Jesolo coast.
In particular, direct bus lines, “Atvo" buses leave from the “Marco Polo" of Venice-Tessera and from “San Giuseppe" of Treviso, which stop at the central bus station of Jesolo, called Picchi station, making the route extremely comfortable and quick.
Nearby airports:


The railway stations closest to us are two: Mestre station 45 km and San Donà di Piave station 17 km. From both stations there is a bus service, “Atvo” bus, which will allow you to reach Piazzale Picchi in Jesolo, the starting point of all city buses. Italy trains official website:


The “ATVO" bus lines that leave from the Mestre and San Donà di Piave railway stations all stop at the central station in Piazzale Picchi: once you reach this junction, it will be sufficient to take bus n ° 2 to Cortellazzo, and 10 minutes, about 3 km of route, stop just 200 meters before Piazza Torino. The buses all pass through the secondary road via levantina which then becomes via Holland. Get off and then walk forward in 2 minutes towards the main street, Via Altinate, at number 63 where we are located. In fact, the hotel is located exactly halfway between Piazza Milano and Piazza Torino on the main street.

Reach Venice

Jesolo is also an ideal starting point for visiting Venice: the connections with the lagoon, both regarding Venice itself and the splendid smaller islands, are very practical and efficient.
The shortest route is “Jesolo – Punta Sabbioni", a path no longer than 15 km which ends in the coastal town of Punta Sabbioni, a hamlet in the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, where you will have ample parking for your car and a service. of motorboat navigation that every half hour leads directly to St. Mark’s Square in Venice.
Other public water transport ferries leave from the Treporti navigation stop, easily connecting the coast to the islands of Burano, Murano, Torcello and again Venice, in this case, however, on the north side of Venice (Fondamenta Nove).