The Park Hotel Perù is a hotel in the center of Jesolo, HOTEL IN THE CENTER OF JESOLO LIDO

Our Park Hotel Perù is a hotel located in the center of Jesolo and is located exactly between two important squares Piazza Milano and Piazza Torino, and is positioned just halfway along the main street, the long Via Altinate which in the evening becomes a pedestrian promenade. . A few steps from the PARK HOTEL PERU hotel in Jesolo Lido you reach Piazza Milano( Milano square) , a new and sparkling square that has hosted and will still host many important sporting events. We mention the Moonligh Half Maraton Jesolo, of which we are also a hotel partner event, which attracted thousands of runners in the company of their families and friends, and which is classified as an event of not only national but also international character, renewing itself every year in the May .

But Piazza Milano (Milano Square) in August 2013 also hosted another important event. Here the famous footballer Alessandro del Piero met his numerous fans. The presence of the former Juventus footballer took place in Jesolo Lido on the occasion of the naming of a stretch of the promenade along the Jesolo promenade by our city. We are talking about the Alessandro del Piero seafront = lungomare Alessandro del Piero , that is a stretch of the Jesolo seafront ( a strech of “the Jesolo lungomare delle stelle” ) that is located just before the start of the pine forest beach of the Jesolo and which is part of the seafront of the stars= is a part of “Il lungomare delle stelle”. The event attracted a large participation of people who also came from various parts of Italy.

Piazza Milano ( Milano Square) also hosts the September marathon, but it is also a big square of important events not only of a sporting nature but also of a musical and cultural nature. In fact, we also remember recently the presence of the well-known italian writer Mauro Corona who, right in Piazza Milano ( Milano square) just 5 minutes walk from our hotel, presented his book entitled “Nel Muro"= (in the wall) on 31 July 2019 with a good turnout of spectators. We also remember the concerts of Tony Esposito, Fred Bongusto, Righeira and also various concerts by the Rodigini group., Not to mention that the young Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter, walked quietly as a tourist around Piazza Milano (Milano square) .

Piazza Milano ,Milano Square (hotel in Jesolo lido ) a few steps from our hotel, was also the stage where the already selected girls aspiring to Miss Italy gathered ready for the last final challenge that would take place the following evening. girls walked the walk from Piazza Torino (Turin Square) the other square very close to our hotel, to Piazza Milano ( Milano square) , which we and our customers were able to see live in front of our hotel terrace with emotion. The coronation event of the queen of this historic Italian competition with also the attribution of the various bands took place in recent years in Jesolo at the Pala Arrex now PalaInvent (a big multipurpose center where shows, fairs, congresses, exhibitions are held , concerts) which is located just 10 minutes by car from our hotel .hotel in the center of Jesolo

In front of our hotel, which is located on the main street of Jesolo, there were the parades of vintage cars with the historical car on board that hosted the artist, the important person or the famous person on duty on board. entitled, season after season, a stretch of promenade on the occasion of the periodic event of the seafront of the stars. And right in front of the hotel, taken aboard a vintage car, for the occasion, besides Del Piero we were talking about, also: Alberto Sordi, Gina Lollobrigida, Andrea Bocelli, katia Ricciarelli, Carla Fracci, Mike Bongiorno, Lino Banfi, Mara Venier, Christian De Sica, Nancy Brilly, Sophia Loren, Umberto Veronesi, the Poohs, Bebe Vio.

Our hotel is located in the center of Jesolo) and is also within walking distance of the other new square, Piazza Torino (Turin square), which hosted editions of the Festival show. A large number of audiences but also some of our customers, excited to see singers like Alexia, Anna Tatangelo, The kolors, Albano Carrisi .. just to name a few .. … Some singers or their instrumentalists stayed in our hotel .. We also remember who sat in our terrace bar two years ago to have coffee to our surprise, also Simona Ventura an italian soubrette,who was in Jesolo on the occasion of a Festival show held in Piazza Torino( Turin square). Our hotel is located right in the center of Jesolo Lido because it is conveniently located. Surrounded by numerous places such as: bars, pizzerias, restaurants, ice cream parlors both in the main street but also in the secondary street, the hotel is also very close to pharmacies, to the postal service (walking we find it just 5 minutes in Piazza Milano), to newsagents, to hardware stores … but also to jewelers, hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, to many leather goods, shoes and clothing stores, and then there are many newsstands, supermarkets and bakeries. A few steps on foot in front of us, you will reach the sea and the hotel’s private beach with the service of comfortable bathrooms that are always sanitized and equipped with hot water showers, games for children and along the entire promenade you will find many dining options.

Just one kilometer from the Park Hotel Perù, reachable in 5 minutes by car, there is also the Jesolo hospital with the first aid service and the dialysis service and many specific clinics.

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